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This story starts Sunday afternoon on September 10, 2006. A few days before, my Aunt Donna asked if I would come up and help her get the old hay out of the shed out back. The old hay had gone moldy and she needs to restock the shed with fresh hay before she gets one of her horses back. She has two horses but they have been leased out for the last two years, now she is expecting one of them soon. I said, sure, I can do that. So, here I was out at Grandma’s house and no one was home. My Aunt Donna lives with her mother, my grandmother, and apparently they were still at church. I decided to take a look around the property and take some pictures while I waited; I am not showing that set here though, at least not yet.


While I was about checking things out, and taking pictures, I discovered two things. One, I found where the hay was that needed moved to a burn pile Donna had told me about. And two, there was no path to the burn pile; the land had overgrown with brush in the last two years… apparently my aunt hadn’t noticed. There was no way I was going to be able to move the hay today… not in the 15 minute job description I was given over the phone anyway. It would take at least a day to clear a path and it was only a couple hours till dark. I figured the old moldy hay was just going to have to wait. I will have to get out their earlier next time and hack away at some brush, and then move the ton or so of hay.


After my quick tour of the front five acres, and taking a bunch of nature shots, I sat down on the front porch to clean the grass and brush seeds out of my socks. Yes, I had worn my tennis shoes rather than my boots, which was a mistake… but I figured that since my aunt had not had the horses on the land for two years that it shouldn’t be too mucky, it wasn’t, just filled with brush. I didn’t even have time to tie my tennis shoe laces when a mini-van pulled up. Grandma, my Aunt Donna, and her boyfriend were home. I didn’t know the people that gave them the ride but Donna tells me that I used to know one of them anyway. Time goes my, things change, and memories fade. Oh well.


Grandma sure walks slow now, and used a cane. That was something I noticed wile I walked in very slow motion to her house with her. Yeah, I don’t get out this way very often. I think I need to get out here more often, Grandma probably will not be around too much longer, she is 86 now.


Anyway, I still haven’t gotten to the point of this thread. After telling Donna her plan was a bust we walked down to the back seven to see if Uncle Bob was back there. I am not sure what Donna wanted to talk with Bob about but going back to see Bob’s new barn sounded like something to do. Plus, I do not see Bob much these days either, it would be nice if he was back there. He was.


Bob was working on his new barn putting on a coat of stain to protect the wood from the autumn rains that should be starting up here within the next month or so. While I was back there, naturally, since I had the camera, I started taking pictures. Again, I am not showing those pictures here either, at least not yet. While we were talking my neighbor Eddie and his wife and daughter showed up. Eddie met my uncle Bob through their mutual interest of old cars and then later discovered that I, his upstairs neighbor, was Bob’s nephew. While I was taking pictures Eddie decided to help Bob with the painting but he needed some pliers to loosen something and neither he nor Bob had any pliers handy. I did, more or less handy anyway, I would have to walk back to my car to get them and my car was parked up in front of Grandma’s house.


Now we get to the reason for this post. While I was walking, naturally, I was taking pictures of the brush and trees all around me. I would take several steps and then take a few more pictures. This went on for a bit and then suddenly, I noticed a head poking out of the brush up ahead, where the dirt road bends to the right. In the first picture, although not very clear, there are two very large ears perked up that you might be able to make out if you look close enough. My human eyes are much better than this first shot and I had no problem seeing the deer’s head and the two horn spikes that told me that it was a young buck. I didn’t have time to adjust the zoom setting before taking the first shot. With the next shots that followed, I had adjusted the zoom to get closer up pictures of the deer as it retreated at a surprisingly leisurely pace. I guess it figured since I wasn’t rushing after it, and not aiming a rifle at it, it wasn’t in a hurry.


If you look closely at the pictures you can see that sometimes the buck’s ears are pointed back towards me and other times pointed forward. When the buck had its ears aimed at me it was probably listening to my walking pace and hearing the noises of the camera’s capacitor(s) recharging between shots. When the buck’s ears were pointed forward it was listening for potential threats and for the sounds of cars. In fact, at least one or two cars did drive by as I was taking these pictures. You cannot see the paved road in these shots but it is there, not too far ahead of the deer.


In the last shot, the deer is on the other side of the paved road and part way up the dirt road on the other side. It took that one last look back and then headed into the brush.


In a few more minutes I had drove my car down to Bob’s barn to bring Eddie the pliers he needed… only to find that he had managed to get the thing, whatever it was, loose on his own. That was okay with me; I found the trip worth my time. 












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