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Hello and welcome to my new message board.


I am still in the early stages of setting things up but new members are welcome, just keep in mind that this is my first board and it is still under construction. Also, be warned, sometimes things might look a bit out of sorts as I try new color, size, and format settings.


More information about this board, forums, topics, threads, and things will be added soon.


If you are experienced with message boards please feel free to join in and help me get this board started. Also, if enough people participate I will need a few moderators. I am on the lookout for friendly and helpful individuals who are willing to help keep this board running smoothly.


If you are new to message boards, feel free to join in and I will help you as best I can as I set up and learn how to run this board.


Anyone who becomes a member can post at any time. To stay a member, and or not get your messages deleted, please keep your posts rated for general audiences. I will have a list of rules eventually, but mostly they will just say “be nice” or at least do not be hostile towards others. I do not want to use the ban button but I will if someone cannot find it within themselves to be civilized.


Guests are welcome to read posts but cannot make posts or view member’s information until they join.


Best regards,




November 18, 2005

“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor
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