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Who am I to say that God does not exist? Even if the Bible is more myth than literal fact, it does not prove that there is no God. This is the biggest mistake most atheists make.


The Bible as a teaching tool of ethics and morals is not without merit, although, it must be understood that the morals and ethics of one time period may not necessarily fit well into another time and place without question and flexibility.


The Bible as a history book should be compared and contrasted with real world evidence or it is just hearsay.


The Bible as "The Word of God" should always be questioned since it is mankind who keeps saying that "God said it," or that "God inspired it." Mankind tends to make a lot of claims that prove not to be true.


I originally made the above post at:


I have no idea if that post will make it to that blog page, so I figured why waste my words, and then I posted them here (above). My post might make more sense if you read the article and the comments posted on that page about the featured article.




“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor
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