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Here's a sample, this is both the first and last page of the novel, a little cliche perhaps, would you read on from here?

Endings and beginnings.

The smoke on the cool air reminded Sarah of camping trips with her father. Michael would be off hunting for arrowheads in the woods, it was always Sarah who started the fire. Her father had taught her to be respectful of the monster, that anything she created she would be responsible to control.

A hissing sound brought her back to the present. The acrid scent of burning plastic as the videotapes inside the briefcase melted, spoiling her memories as the tapes themselves represented a spoiled life. Michael wouldn't have understood. He would have wanted her to go public with the evidence, but Sarah had seen enough destruction. Simon Hansford's secrets would die with him, he had endured the torture of knowledge of his sins, and God alone would judge him now.

She wondered what she would have done with that knowledge thirty years ago. Through the years she had imagined various scenarios, but as Michael had often said, all we have is reality, today, here, now. They had all done the best that they could at the time. Now she could only do the best she could for today. Simon would be remembered as a great philanthropist, heir to a fortune that he shared with those in need. Somewhere in her heart she remembered the love she once felt for him, and whether he was driven by that love, or his guilt, she knew that at least in part she was responsible for creating him, and could take some pride in the good he had done.

   All that was left of the fire now was embers, Sarah poured the water she had brought with her over them, stirred the ashes and poured more water into the mix. She walked back to her car knowing there would be no wildfires tonight.

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