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Now that we don't have any new Stargates, I started thinking of all the plotlines that they never finished, all the characters that just "got lost," and all of the alien races we never heard from again.

Who or what would YOU have liked to have found out more about? What character just disappeard that you really would like to see on the show "Stargate: Where are They Now?"

I have a few, but I will start off with only one: Nicholas Ballard, Daniels grandfather. They left him alone on some planet with giant aliens and they never went back to check on him? Weren't they at least MILDLY curious what was happening and whether the giant aliens really COULD help in the fight against the Goa'uld?

Who else?

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Well, just going from Fairy Tales, don't giants EAT humans? That s what happened to him, those giants couldn't care less about the Goa'uld, they were just HUNGRY!!!!

But, what ever happened to the planet of kids that taught the adults? Can't remember their names, but Jack 'kidnapped' the girl for a day?

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