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Solar Power
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ManInBlack has reminded me of something I meant to cover a long while back but never did get to, until now.


There have been a few times that members, possibly including myself, have put detailed information about a particular show’s episode without giving a spoiler warning or attempting to hide the spoiler information by changing its text color to white.


I am accepting suggestions on how long we should wait before a spoiler warning is no longer necessary, or if there should always be spoiler warning regardless of how much time has passed since the show aired.


An argument for always including a spoiler notice is that there will always be someone who has not seen that television episode or that movie yet. Some people see television programs and movies on different schedules, like our friends in the UK, and some people do not start watching a program, or see a movie, until well after it originally aired.


Two types of spoiler notices to keep in mind.


1. A spoiler tag in the subject title of a new thread.


Example: Amok Time – Spoiler


2. A spoiler tag in a post made in an existing thread.


Example: Spoiler below – highlight text to read


In the episode “Amok Time,” we find out that Spock has a wife!


After the bride makes Spock fight a duel to the death with Captain Kirk, which Spock wins, Spock gives the bride to the man she wanted to be with. Then, after Spock returns to the Enterprise, to his surprise, he finds that Captain Kirk is still alive.


End of examples.


Notice in example 2 that by changing text to white it become invisible, or nearly so, and that by highlighting the text it becomes easily readable.


After we have had time to discuss this issue I will refine this post and make giving spoiler warnings in posts and threads a rule.




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I know our (USA) current SFC series are on a different schedule than the UK.  Our season usually starts sooner but they don't have the mid-season break we do so they catch up in the second half and eventually get ahead of us.  Perhaps by the time we're in reruns they have seen those episodes for the first time.


I like your second demonstration where the text has to be highlighted to be seen.  That way you don't find yourself suddenly reading something you weren't ready to see.


We're already getting articles on the new season (to begin in July) so these would definitely need discretion.


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