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Solar Power
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I like SPAM, not all the time, but sometimes, SPAM can taste good. My dad made a really tasty macaroni and SPAM dish that I really liked. I have not made it in ages so I may have to try making another batch again sometime. If only I could make it taste as good as Dad’s did though.


Anyway, I like canned SPAM… BUT I DO NOT LIKE SPAM IN MY INBOX!!!


If I was elected Tyrant of this great nation I would outlaw e-mail SPAM. Anyone caught sending SPAM would be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole! In prison, their job would be to scrub toilets with toothbrushes for the rest of their lives.


Perhaps it is not a good thing I am the Tyrant of this great country. 


Recently, my mailboxes have been under attack from these slimy SOB SPAMMERS. They even managed to find one of my none-public e-mail addresses, one strictly used for bills and such. So, either one of the companies that have my e-mail address sold me out, which is always a possibility, or some blasted SPAMMER out there is blasting every possible e-mail address they can think of at my inbox. I mean, do they really have so little to do in life that they would sit there and try to think of any possible e-mail address I might use? Wow, these people really need to get a life!


I am not sure why these SOBs are trying so hard to SPAM me so much, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE I WILL EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A SPAMMER. And just in case that was not clear enough, I mean to say that I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A SPAMMER, PERIOD!


So please, all you sleaze bags and slime balls, STOP SPAMMING ME!


However, if anyone wants to send me a can of edible SPAM through the snail mail service, that I will accept.


Thank you.




“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor

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White Dwarf
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Gosh... how can you SAY that?

How could you possibly live without reading such classic titles in your In-box as  (From today's sampling....)

"Which sanguinary itself chart"
"Rut break"
"Are Langeloth that lesage"
 "Which mauldin whom findlay"
"As gervais to bradner"
"With dupo it barnstable"  and my personaly favorite...
"Is davin she venomous"

Yeah I hate them too... but I do like reading the words sometimes.  Where do these things come from??? LOL

....and yeah, I admit it, I like canned spam too  

Stay open to the possibilities.
Move without fear. Trust in those who love You

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White Dwarf
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huh........<--- dumb look....

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