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Solar Power
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I was not too fond of the earlier episodes of this season but the last few shows have been pretty good.


I think this show has been like this all along though, they go through streaks of good and then bad shows, or visa versa, but the series never stays all good or all bad.


So, I will keep watching for those good episodes that do show up in the mix. 


And, anyway, even the bad shows are really not all that bad. It is just that the really good ones make the lame ones look even worse. 




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White Dwarf
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I do think that it is rather like the last four years of Stargate.... It was  still one of the better things on TV but there were still episodes that, in my opinion weren't worth watching. BUT because of loyalty AND the hope o one more GREAT episode,I continued watching.

They do manage to do those great episodes every so often so I guess it is still worth the hour a week.

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