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Giant Star
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Okay, this getting beamed out in the last millisecond is getting a little old

I also couldn't understand how the bugs could hear you talk but not your footsteps, and why the Chinese woman chose to take a hike in heels.

The story itself was great, although I'm with Dr. Lee when it comes to bugs. The effects may have been a little too well done.

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White Dwarf
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I just want to say:




I HATE bugs!  and space bugs even moreso.  Bugs have been overdone... we need to move on.


THAT being said.  i LOVED seeing the team together.  It was a GREAT last few minutes with the team and Landry in the conference room.  THAT I want to see more of.

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Ahhhh BUGS, they eat US for dinner! 

    I'll bet the writer of this episode just watched the Mummy Returns or something shortly before writing this one. Don't get me wrong, I really liked this ep. however, I agree with MIB, those bugs should have heard the footsteps even easier than the talking as sound vibrations are easier to 'hear' when underground if the source making the sound is ON the ground versus ABOVE the ground. That said, why weren't they attracted to a certain pair of high heels? WE all know that sound can be heard for two or three hallways away!

     And speaking of those heels (actually, the person attached to them), have we been introduced to Daniel Jackson's next 'fling'? We know what a 'quick to fall in love with any female around' type of guy he is. (Share? Who DAT?)


      Anyway, that is what I thought!

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Solar Power
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A blasted bug story.


I do not hate bugs, but bug stories are way overused.




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