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SciFiPedia is now online at:


In an effort to increase online ad revenue, NBC Universal’s Sci Fi Channel this week is launching Scifipedia, a user-generated online encyclopedia of science-fiction facts, definitions and terminology. Located on the homepage, the site will begin with 1,000 starter entries, which fans can add to or change. Hardcore fans of the network’s programs, for example, can elaborate upon episode reviews with minute details.

“It gives our viewers a place to vent their enthusiasm,” says Craig Engler, senior VP of and Sci Fi magazine. “We have viewers who often know more about our shows than we do.” As part of its upfront negotiations, Sci Fi is pitching Scifipedia to advertisers in movies and gaming, two categories popular on its TV channel.

The network also recently launched a tech blog and revamped its online magazine

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    Fun stuff! I guess with this site, they can start showing MORE SciFi rather than 'Flintones goes to Rock Vegas' or whatever.

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