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White Dwarf
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Although this episode wasn't as good compared to others as far as action went I liked it. It was great seeing familiar faces. And though I do admit to reading spoilers for this one I still cried. Twice.
Rose doesn't seem too happy with the addition to the Tardis crew but what did she expect after all her glowing tales of what it is like to travel with the Doctor?


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White Dwarf
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It was GREAT seeing Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) again.  He was really my favorite person in Buffy... how can you NOT fall for the sexy, brainy, and brave librarian? Seeing him FINALLY promoted to Principal was pretty cool !  lol  Seeing him as head of the Bat People was freaky - though not much different than something that could have happened in Buffy.

I liked Mickey in this ep.... though I've always liked Mickey.  It was great to see hime come through and save the kids.  I LOVED him sitting in the car with K9... "We are in a car!"  I'm not sure what's going to happen with him along for the ride now, though.  It's pretty obvious that Rose doesn't want him there...  I'm fairly certain HE doesn't even really want to be there.  I'm guessing that it is going to be a short trip for him.

I LIKED Sarah Jane!   At least in this episode she got some closure and a chance to move on.  I think even more than her own pain was the future she saw for Rose.... being replaced with the newer model is inevitable.

And yes, affirmative, rather,   I particularly liked the Tin Dog.  and was VERY happy to see him at the end.  Good Dog!

One last thought.... "Behold the power of French Fries!"

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LOL, truthfully, did Carl Karcher (sp) help write this episode?

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I felt Mickey found his place this episode too NannyJo. "I'm the tin dog" was a great moment.

It was wonderful to see Sarah Jane and K9. In an episode about growing older you sure couldn't prove it by Sarah Jane, who has aged beautifully, that is to say unnoticeably.

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