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First, let me say I truly don't understand the need to 'de-genderfy' peoples job classifications, for instance;

Instead of 'stewardess or steward' we have 'flight attendents', instead of 'actresses' we have 'actors', instead of 'waitress or waiters' we have 'food servers'. What next? In the ongoing battle to erase gender from a job class, should we just have our children refer to us as 'parent' instead of 'mom or dad'? That means we need to get rid of 'Mothers Day and Fathers Day' right?


I would really appreciate it if someone of you could explain to me the 'whys' and the 'WTFs?!?'


Thanks, Walter (male person writing this request)

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Sorry Walter, I don't know the real reason so many want to get rid of gender specific titles.
However I have a theory. I think that too many people are afraid of their gender. Don't laugh. We, meaning humans, are afraid of so many things. This, that and the other cause some sort of health affliction, as tested in lab rats. Everything we eat, breath or do causes some sort of harm according to the health police. Everything we do, say or think offends someone somewhere according to the PC police. Then there is the fear of being labeled. And it seems that gender is just another label. We can't get rid of the fear inspired by the heath police but if we remove gender specific labels then maybe humans will be able to breath a little easier.

Now for my personal opinion. Getting rid gender labels is a load of bunk. Ever so slowly they are trying to get rid of everything that makes us individuals. If we were all the same what a sad world it would be.


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Through the ages men and women have been paid radically different for the same jobs.  Is removing the gender from a job going to equal the pay?  I doubt it. 


Historically men were the bread-winners and were paid accordingly.  Women were significantly thrust into the job market during WWII but were returned home after the soldiers returned.  The number of women in the workforce in the 50's was still small.  It began to grow in the 60's and boom by the 70's.  By the 80's there were as many women in the workforce as men.  By the 90's the women outnumbered the men.


Today there are many stay-at-home dads who have chosen to raise the kids while the mom brings home the bacon.


This is just another situation where the tables are turned and instead of handling it in a positive way, they've decided to slap labels on it called it Politically Correct.  There is nothing politically correct about it.  The fact that they made jobs gender-specific to begin with was just wrong.


So if they hadn't been so biased to start with, they wouldn't be correcting this now; politically or otherwise.


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