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A Myth of Jesse James blood



“Jessie James is our ancestor.

Granddad’s grandmother was somehow related to him.

No one knows exactly how,

but Jesse James is our ancestor.”


Searching for answers, I open the family bible.

There it lists an Eva James, daughter of Jasper James,

but what does this prove?


Looking online to search genealogy sites,

trees and old census forms,

looking for any old, relevant, records that can be found.


It proves difficult to find a James family we could be kin to,

Records were scarce in the old west.

Still, I search as time passes.


There, that must be them.

Though I cannot be positive,

there are gaps and missing facts.

This James family was in the right place and time.

If this pedigree is right, we are not related to Jesse James.

This James tree grows from different English roots.


“You need to look harder.

We are related to Jesse James.

We’ve always been told we have outlaw blood, it must be true.

Keep looking, you’ll see, Jesse James is our ancestor.”


Digging through the past again,

I do find more records available.

Still, nothing proves we are kin to Jesse.


Odd though, I had not noticed.

Jasper James,

he was roughly the same age as Jesse James.

Jasper disappears from the public records…

about the same time Jesse was killed.



Michael A. Crane, Jr.

Version 2b: April 3, 2007

“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor
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