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The first two pictures were taken in the evening hours of July 21, 2006, a couple hours before the show. Earlier in the day it was pure blue sky. When I seen a few clouds floating in I decided to take a few pictures, I have been taking a lot of cloud pictures lately for another project I am planning to get to eventually.


After the first two pictures, I am not sure just what went wrong, either in my rush to take pictures of the spectacular sky show I set the camera to the wrong setting (possible but I am sure I checked to be sure before taking pictures), or it was the low lighting conditions (even though you cannot tell that from the pictures, the light was behind the camera as the sun set and I was shooting to the east away from the setting sun), or the wind was stronger than the camera could handle in low light conditions. Anyway, whatever the cause, these pictures turned out blurred. Most of the detail was lost. I was very disappointed when I first seen these pictures. I decided to show some of the best ones anyway because there are some nice pastel colors captured in them.











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