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This chart shows how many page views this board has been getting each month and charts that activity over the last 19 months. This chart starts at the end of November 2005 (The board’s birth day was November 18, 2005), and ends today, May 31, 2007, when I captured the chart image.


Although this chart will not reflect the page views this board had after I captured the graph image, this is close enough to give you an idea of how well this board has been doing, as far as page views go. The actual count was over 17,500 pageviews for this month when I last checked.


By the way, I have to pay extra for every month that we go over 10,000 page views. This board is starting to cost a bit.  [wink]


Too bad this chart does not reflect my bank account balance instead of page views!  [smile]




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