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Solar Power
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I'm bummed. I accidentally deleted my workout journal.  :\


Worse, the file appears to have been overwritten because I cannot find any trace of it to recover. I have been installing program updates, some large ones, over the last few days, so I guess it's gone. My guess is that Internet Explorer 7 ate it... which wasn't a fair trade at all because IE 7 is a bug filled work in progress that was not ready for prime time no matter what Microsoft says.


I had made a backup of my chat, e-mail, and board post, and a few other things, just the other day in preparations for the upgrades, but totally forgot to back up my workout journal. Oh well. I was thinking of trying another system for my entries anyway. A shame I lost the written record of my progress to this point though.


Anyway, I am up to an 85 minute workout now. Pumping iron hurts so good sometimes. By the way, NJ, that is where that saying comes from (forgot to tell you that where you posted a comment about that saying). Bodybuilders came up with that to describe the feeling of pleasure they get from the pain of burning muscles being pushed to their limits. After a while, the pain of muscles being shredded by a workout with irons actually feels good... in a masochistic sort of way.


I still hate push-ups but I am getting better at them again too. I still have a way to go to get back into the shape I was in two years ago, but I am getting closer. 




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White Dwarf
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Way to go on the workouts. Too bad about the journal but even though you lost them you still have physical evidence of your progress.

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White Dwarf
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a workout journal.. hmmm never heard of that one.

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