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White Dwarf
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Murderer or not is irrelevant at this point.  Personally I had always liked the man during his playing career and his bits in different movies.  I still don't know if he was guilty but, as I said above it doesn't matter much.  He was found not guilty and as I've heard, at this point there is NOTHING ELSE related to that trial that he could be tried or convicted of this many years later.


Murderer or not this latest stunt of his is just PLAIN disgusting and disrespectful.  I can't believe that ANY human being would use that whole HORRIBLE display of man's inhumanity to man and use it as nothing more than a publicity stunt to make money and get his name in the headlines.


Convicted or not, guilty or not, murderer or not, I don't care. It is what he has done SINCE the trial is what shows his true character to me.  And it isn't pretty, likable, or ANYTHING like a human should embody.

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White Dwarf
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Very true NJ. Seems to me that he is just trying to get back into the spotlight and the way he is going about it is disgusting.
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