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The option isn't always available. Sometimes it's a little complicated.

George W. Bush served? Maybe, depending on your definition.

John Kerry served? Absolutely, but he gained nothing from the experience that would make him my choice for Commander in Chief.

It is possible that no candidate in an election would be a veteran.

As to the current debacle, we're in a swamp. I feel much more comfortable with a President who has been in a swamp himself. The choice would be McCain, who spent five years in one of the most horrific prisons that the Viet Namese had available. I believe that he will be far more careful with the lives he holds in his hands than a bureaucrat  who can't tell the difference between a hot LZ and a family vacation.

As an aging hippie, I remember the mistakes of Viet Nam. The only candidate who has not pledged to repeat them in the middle east is McCain. I hate the price of war, but Obama and Clinton both seem to think that the absence of  war is peace. We do not create peace by yanking our troops out of Iran, then threatening to obliterate Iran. They are pacifists in the sense that they pacify the masses. You can't make strategic decisions based on opinion polls. Well you can, but then you end of with the Viet Namese experience.

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