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Yesterday I tried to make two blog posts on the Northwest Cable News blog, but neither of my attempts made it online. After waiting all day for my first post to appear, it began to look very much like NWCN was only letting comments on one side of an issue get posted. I began to wonder, is this a case of selective sampling? Since then, two counter points were finally allowed on their blog, but I am still left with the question, is this blog for real? Anyway, that is what I would like to know. Since none of my attempts to post made it through I have serious doubts about the validity of the NWCN blog.


The first blog I tried to post a comment on was in response to a question they asked on the NWCN Blog. The question was, paraphrased, “Is tracking your teen with a GPS unit while driving an invasion of privacy?” The issue is about Safeco, an insurance company, currently marketing these tracking devices specifically for monitoring teen drivers (and probably everyone else later).


My response follows:



Is this Safeco tracking device an invasion of privacy? I am stunned that so few in today's society fail to even notice the contradiction in this question. Tracking and privacy mutually annihilate each other, something like when matter comes in contact with anti-matter.


How can a society consider itself to be free, and have free will, if everyone’s every move is tracked? Year after year privacy evaporates at an ever greater rate as more tracking technology is developed and used by, and on, the public.


Not only is tracking technology destroying any illusion of privacy for our teens, and the public at large, this technology removes trust. How can you say you trust someone when you spend much of your time and money tracking their every move?


This tracking technology is not about accountability and responsibility, although you can be sure that the insurance industries and the justice system will use it this way, this is about controlling people in every way possible.


The focus is on teenagers today simply so we can train them to accept this way of life, for the rest of their life, as our society becomes ever more tracked.


Goodbye freedom and trust, you are missed by those of us who remember what you were.






My second NWCN blog post attempt was about some disgruntled parents wanting books banned from the high school.


My response follows:



It seems to me that it is usually the ignorant that scream the loudest about what others should be allowed to read. If not ignorance, then it is the self-appointed morally uptight who would cast the first stones… if they thought they could get away with it.


Most kids know more about sex than can be found in books like “Snow Falling on Cedars” by the fifth grade. Regardless of how religiously strict parents are most kids will learn about these things, one way or another, well before high school. If they did not learn these things by high school, they probably should have. Raising naive children is not doing them a favor.


And yes, I have read “Snow Falling on Cedars.” I enjoyed the book for its educational value and I did not find its minimal sex content offensive in the least. I would rate it PG 13, not something that should be banned from high school.


It might be a good idea to have parents who want to have books banned actually read the books before they are allowed to cast their voices in outrage.






So, now my question to you all is, can you think of a reason why my comments were rejected by administrators at the NWCN Blog?


After reading through some of the comments that did make it onto their blog, I am left stumped as to why my comments were not posted.


Anyway, this has caused me to re-evaluate my trust of our regional news media company. Their news may be far more slanted than I had thought.




“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor

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Well DUUUHHHH MAC! it is totally OBVIOUS why your post wasn't accepted! They saw in your post something MOST media REALLY doesn't want from their readers. . . . YOUR POST SHOWED THAT YOU ACTUALLY THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!

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