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I usually pause to laugh out loud and point whenever I see the local followers of Lyndon LaRouche, but I was bored yesterday and looking for an intelligent exchange.

Silly me.

When I was approached with "You look like a political activist" I should have asked why the LaRouchey thought so, but I played along for a while.

I let him recite the canned speech, then I asked him about LaRouche's musical training. He immediately knew where I was going and became defensive.

I will not honor this otherwise harmless fascist kook with a link to his theories. Simply stated, among his various theories of how you should live your life is a movement to change the musical scale.

In every piece of music, the notes are specific pitches. That is how I can write a piece for piano and someone in Australia can play it and it sounds the way I wrote it. It is also how my piano can be tuned. It's not just a random choice, the A above middle C is 440 hertz, making middle C about 261 hertz.

Larouche has decided that it is more "natural" for middle C to be 256 Hertz. His basis for this is fuzzy but you probably recognize the number.

If it was just that he liked his music a little flat I wouldn't mind, but this idea appears to be just as important as his rather radical political thoughts, so I find it hilarious. It's like Bogart in The Caine Mutiny going on about the strawberries. It's the window to his lack of sanity.

The defense presented by his minion was priceless. I was attacked for my lack of musical knowledge and assured that none other than Giuseppe Verdi had signed LaRouche's petition to change the scale. The minion was almost foaming at the mouth, so I didn't press him on whom one petitions in a matter of this sort, or how Verdi signed a petition written by a man born decades after his death over a hundred years ago.

I feel comfortable going back to laughing and pointing now.

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What, pray tell, was his thoughts on POLKA MUSIC!!

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White Dwarf
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Originally Posted by waltcesca

What, pray tell, was his thoughts on POLKA MUSIC!!


I'm betting Lawrence Welk signed THAT petition.


Blake....  I'm sure that SOME "Joe Green" signed the petition somewhere along the line....

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