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Date: 06/22/2003
From: nannyjo

“Night folks! I’m out of here! I am Beat!” Richard Dean Anderson yelled to some of his co-workers as he jumped in his car. It had been a particularly demanding day of shooting on the set of “Stargate” and he was tired!

By the time he got home, he was feeling slightly more awake and decided to watch some television until he became sleepy again. Like any man, his idea of watching TV consisted of using the remote control to flip through as many channels as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

He had gone through the 164 channels repeatedly when he stopped briefly at Channel 68… TVLand

“Up next MacGyver! The most dangerous arts and crafts guy on TV,” the announcer bragged.

“He he he,” RDA laughed. “That’s kinda cute…”

Rick was starting to get a little sleepy by now, but he decided just to stay put to see which episode was playing and the see if he remembered anything in particular that had happened during the filming. His eyelids were getting quite heavy, but he managed to stay awake for the opening “gambit” from one of the earliest shows. By the time the familiar music for the credits came on he was fast asleep.

“You were a wimp back then, you know,” someone said.

“Huh?” Rick said shaking his head and clearing some cobwebs.

“A wimp, a wuss, a weirdo,” the voice continued. “Trying to solve problems using your brain? What’s up with that?”

Rick more or less floated out of the recliner in which he had been seated in order to seek out the mysterious voice. He had only taken a few steps when he came face to face with himself??? Well not EXACTLY himself… it WAS him but he was dressed in military clothing much like he wore for the character of Colonel Jack O’Neill …two ells.

“But that was he character they GAVE me to play.” Rick defended himself. “I thought I did an okay job with it…”

“Yeah, ‘okay’ if you say so..” Jack chuckled. “Paper clips and chewing gum wrappers? For cryin’ out loud, like THAT would ever really work.”

“And I suppose you think YOUR way is better?” another voice joined in the conversation.

Rick turned to face yet another version of him. MacGyver was standing in the hall wearing his tight jeans and white sneakers. He looked much younger than Rick rememebered. The actor unconsciously reached up and felt his hair, thinking how impossible it was to think his hair had ever been so long…and BROWN! Quickly he pulled his hand away from his head in order not to bring it to the attention of the younger man.

Jack had seen the motion though and being the type of person he was he *had * to mention it “Nice hair.” He snorted.

“Hey at least I have some,” Mac retorted back “Of course if mine looked like yours, I’d wear a hat all the time too.”

“Yeah, I’m sure your hair *stylist* would agree,” Jack quipped “How much did that ‘do’ cost you anyway…LOVE the layers by the way.”

“Hey at least I have my own clothes,” Mac said “I don’t have to count on military Goodwill to get dressed in the morning.”

“What’s WRONG with what I’m wearing?” Jack asked, his arms outstretched. “There’s nothing wrong with it. At least it covers all of the appropriate parts, and it is GREAT for carrying all of the weapons I need WITH me so I don’t have to play “Scavenger Hunt” along the way. Hey when *I* want to blow something up, kid *I* use a grenade What the hell is it with you an finding “nitrates” to do the job?”

“Oh sure! Just BLOW everything up and kill them all… That is your answer for everything, isn’t it?” Mac countered.

Rich sat back in his chair (which came equipped with magic fingers massage accessory) and watched the argument escalate. It was hard to believe that two of his characters could be so different.

“Well I’m still here, aren’t I?” O’Neill questioned.

“Well so am I! and *I* have been around longer that YOU have! Apparently brains are BETTER than brawn!” Mac smiled a dazzling smile.

“AAARRGGG! You KNOW I hate cliches…well,… actually you don’t know He knows.” Jack said pointing to Rick.

“Gentleman… gentleman can’t we all just sit down and watch? I’m too tired to be getting into this tonight.

“Hey what’s all the YELLING about?” The young Dr Jeff Webber asked as he wandered down the hallway. “You two aren’t fighting again are you? The last time I ended up giving you BOTH stitches”

“That was only because he cheated and used that roll of duct tape.” Jack complained.

“Oh you mean I outsmarted you? What a surprise!!” Mac replied “Imagine that!”

“Hey Keep it DOWN out there! I am trying to sleep off my hangover!” Nichodemus Legend yelled from the direction of the bedroom.”

“Shut UP!” All four men yelled at the same time.

“ALL RIGHT KNOCK it off ALL of you!” Cant you see I am tired and just want to get some rest??” Rich FINALLY had had enough. “Go away!”

A volley of ‘Sorrys’ was thrown in Rick’s direction. And he graciously accepted them all.

“Now, will you PLEASE just leave me alone so I can get some rest,”
said as he settled back into his chair.

The men started walking down the hall leaving RDA alone in the room. The “magic fingers” were just beginning to work and drain the remaing tension from his body, when Jack stuck his head back around the corner from the hall.

“Angus started it you know…” he said getting in the last word. He turned, smiling and retreated back the hallway.

His victory was shortlived however. "OW!" he yelled as he stumbled over on of MacGyver's traps.

"Oh, yeah - That's gonna leave a mark. Hey Jack - Actions speek louder than words!" Mac laughed

"I am SO gonna get you for that.." was the last thing Rick heard as he fell back to sleep.


Okay a little long. Sorry. But at least I am done!!!





WOW is that OLD!!!!!  hehehehehee

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