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Solar Power
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My first unspoken guess was right; it was a formatting problem originating from Walt's post. The formatting conflict came when man in black quoted Walt's badly formatted post.


We all now know that copying a page directly from another web page can be a bad idea. CSS is a powerful formatting tool that can be customized so that it only works properly with a separate instruction page. Because this is getting complex, lets just say things can get ugly, as we seen, when you copy someone’s content from their webpage.


I can place restrictions, as was recommended, on formatting but I think this would conflict with my creativeness. If I limit you, I limit myself and I do not want to be limited. So, I will not limit you either, unless forced to because this happens again.


Anyway, as the story was left hanging, I had come down the path to talk with Quest but found that she had been snared by some hungry bug. Making matters worse, most of Blake’s post was missing, and the bottom of the page. It was like finding there really is an end to the world that you can fall off of.


Searching for clues in ManInBlack’s last post, I get strong evidence that there was a formatting conflict that had gone on here. Blake, just by quoting Walt’s post had started a bug war under the hood of the board where different formatting codes were fighting for control.


I knew that I could resolve the problem, or at least figured so, simply by deleting ManInBlack’s post, but I did not want to do that. This board is about discussing different views, not censorship of thought, even by accident. Well, Walt probably should be censored sometimes, but Walt is Walt and I am not immune from crossing a line sometimes.


Thinking it over I decide just to appeal to the board gods and see if they could spare a couple minutes to fix the problem. After a weekend off, they decide they can and do.


ManInBlack’s post is back and we can now see Questmaker’s post, the one that had been hidden ever since the hungry bug captured it. Don’t ask where they were hidden, remember, they had been eaten.


I have now unlocked the thread, welcoming back Questmaker and ManInBlack’s posts.


The Formatting War is over… for the time being.




“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor

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White Dwarf
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Good job Mac and all hail the board gods.
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