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Life in the Poor Lane

Life isn't easy, when you're very poor
You're a second-class citizen with no hope for more

With a child out of wedlock whose dad is in jail
You're already doomed and expected to fail

No high school diploma, no budding career
It's life in the poor lane, hope's unwelcome here

You go see the social worker and ask her for aid
She adds you name to a list, and for this she gets paid

You get stacks of forms to read and complete
Careful what you write, or you'll be back next week

Meanwhile you need medicine, pampers, and food
All you're getting is a dose of bad attitude

At last the call comes and you've been approved
You'll soon get a check and a credit card for food

It's the first of the month, no check to be found
Phone calls don't help, the computer is down

So welcome to welfare and long waits for the mail
You're now a statistic and the system has failed

By Tammy-Vicky

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