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White Dwarf
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"Lenny the Shoemaker" died this week.  And yes, I know that wasnt his real name but that is what the entire town called him for seventy years.  I think I was thirty fore I realized the had a last name.

Lenny had a little shop on main street and every year my mother would take my sister and I to Lenny's to get out new school shoes.  Most years, I SWEAR the same shoes were in the exact same place from year to year. Sales was not his major source of income.... at least I hope.

Where his REAL talant was was that he was everyone's friend.   The towns people kept him busy with repairs and other things... any kind of leather work Lenny could do.  The last hing he did for me was to stitch up my flute case.

Lenny knew everyone town and everyone in town knew and liked Lenny.  

Lenny was 86 and he still hadhis shop on main street with the same shoes in the window.  I really don't know what main street will look like now that Lenny is gone....  I literally NEVER saw the street when he wasn't a part of it.

All in all, I will miss Lenny tremendously... but I will also miss the town adn the street that he made.  My town just won't ever be the same without Lenny the Shoemaker. 

Stay open to the possibilities.
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White Dwarf
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My condolences to his family and his town. People like Lenny are a valuable asset to towns and they are becoming very rare.
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