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In My Twenties, I Couldn't Wait To Be Out And On My Own
I Wouldn't Listen To Anyone Cause I Thought I Was Grown
I Took A Lot Of Chances And Had Many, Many Flings
I Thought The Way I Was Living Was The Real Thing


In My Thirties, I Was Living Life Quite Large
Had Everything Money Could Buy And Could Charge
Refusing To Listen To Any Common Sense
I Was Fake And Phony And Filled With Pretense

On Many Occasions, I Refused To Forgive Myself 
Until I Had To Die To Learn To Live

Still Ignoring The Rules
By Deciding To Live My Life 
Without The Right Tools
Now It's Never To Late For You To Discover
The Real Truth About Treatments
And Not To Hide UnderThe Covers

With The Truth In Hand, I Know Everything Matters
The Warm Summer Breezes, The Laughter, And Chatter
All My Life, I Knew It All. Man, I Was So Dense
And Refused Listen To Any Common Sense 

With Cancer, I Had To Die To Learn To Live
Learn How To Appreciate And To How Forgive
The Man Who Died And Stole My Life
Once Made Me Bitter And Filled With Strife

I'll Never Understood How This Could Be
I Ignored TheThought I'd Never Died
I would Just Get By 

And At First I Thought This Sh*t Was Cruel
Until I Learned Life's Real "Golden Rule"

Learning To Live Until You Die Is The Key
On Learning How To Live Life With Cancer
Just Ask Me

By Tammy-Vicky 


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