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Giant Star
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Besides being the most universally recognized clown next to Ronald MacDonald

This is running on the History channel this month, a collection of stories about Star Trek tech and effects on real world technology, hosted by Shatner.

Wonderful explanations about why some things just couldn't work, my greatest disappointment being the transporter.

It had never occurred to me just how much memory it would take to store a human's molecular pattern.

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Solar Power
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I think that in the here and now we truly have no idea just what is possible in a future time as we discover more about how the universe works and how to manipulate it. In time, it may even be possible to create new universes with laws of physics designed to suit whatever needs or tastes we have. If a transporter is truly not possible here in our universe, then maybe in a few million years, should we survive as a species, just maybe, we will make a universe where all the Star Trek technology works. 


Should there be a major quantum probability slip, and I one day find myself in a far distant future where they can make custom universes to your every desire, I think I would ask for a universe to be made where I can be a Superman. I would love to be able to fly, be super strong, and be invulnerable to any harm, as well as be able to save the people of that universe from whatever dangers they face.


Oh, and I would request that there be no Kryptonite there, or better yet, that I am immune to it so I can add the glowing green crystals to my rock collection.


It would be cool to visit a Star Trek universe too though. Or, maybe they can merge the tales of both Superman and Star Trek for me.


Well, it is nice to dream anyway. 


Anyway, I would not write off a transporter just yet, even one that would work here in this universe. Just give it some time.




“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor

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Yellow Star
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I would like to hope that in the future a lot of the things shown in todays sci fi tv might be made possible by science even if there is no way for it to happen in this day and age.  Especially stuff like those transporters and even time travel would be really great.  I even like the sound of the replicators and holodecks in star trek.  They would be handy if someone ever manages to produce them.

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