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My mother is one of those people who forwards emails repeatedly. This week she sent me a link to A Parent's Wish, from her email it appears that my siblings and I are the eighth link in this particular chain.

The presentation did not have it's desired effect (Mom denies any agenda). I was so disturbed by the video that I wrote a rather scathing response to the website's feedback link. At one point I questioned if they were associated with the Hemlock Society.

I remember, thirty something years ago, singing "My Generation" with great feeling. As the years have passed, my definition of "old" has changed from a quantity of years to a quality of spirit. You are old when you have given up. You are old when you have stopped living.

My earliest memories of my maternal Grand Mother are on crutches, she didn't walk at all by the time I was five. She spent the next fifteen years confined to a hospital bed by arthritis. But she was never old. I can't recall her ever being sad, although I can remember being aware that she was in pain. She was so filled with life that she literally brightened the room.

My paternal Grand Father was ninety five when he died. He still hunted, fished, and was socially active until the day he left us. He had passed the point of mortality in my mind. The idea that he would cease to live had come, and then gone, I no longer considered it.  He had once told me that he had friends who's children had moved them out of their homes in the country and into nursing homes, and they died in six months. He had neighbors who retired from the city and moved near him to relax, and they were dead in six months. The lesson, he said, was to keep doing the same thing, any major change could be lethally stressful.

These were my examples for how to age. I have no fear of years or infirmity. I do still fear growing old. Or rather, as I have come to see, to stop growing and thus become old. I do not wish to have these whining "seniors" that I see around me today as my peers. They are dead and just don't know it yet.

Any thoughts on quantity vs. quality of life? Could there be mandatory euthanasia for those who are just a bummer to be around?

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Hmmmm, how do I respond to this? I remember when I thought THIRTY was old! (I actually told my mom, in tears, on her thirtieth b-day, 'Your gonna die soon, you're OLD!) And of course, I could NEVER envision a life beyond Thirty, but now, I am looking at 40 and wondering what the heck was I thinking?!?!?! Life has really just begun!

   But, IT we were to euthanize someone for age, who gets to pick which age is 'old'? If it had been up to me back then probably NONE of us would still be around right now. Of course, it would be a bit too 'Logan's Run' wouldn't it?

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This was a disturbing video.  It seemed to be torn between saying "let me die because I have given up" and "have patience with me now because I had patience with you when you were young".  There were mixed messages and I'm afraid I'd be more than upset if either of my parents had sent it to me.


We know most people lose their faculties as they age.  But as Blake pointed out, I have seen many elders who were sharp as a tack until they day they died.  These are people who never stopped living and found something to enjoy while they were here.  I once saw two 80-year old people who were so vastly different.  One had spent most of her life miserable, never enjoying anything or being happy.  The other was full of life and always had a smile on their face.  You can guess who died sooner.


Instead of teaching these people when to die..... it'd be better to teach them how to live.


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The battle for life



I intend to live as long as my brain is still able to think, my lungs still able to oxygenate my blood, and my heart is still able to beat... or until some jerk pulls the plug because they do not value my right to life.


I find it sad that so many people today do not value their life, or the rights of others to live. And worse, that some people promote and/or encourage others to die. I know what it’s like to suffer from severe depression but I eventually was able to overcome that horrible affliction. If I had ended my life way back when I wanted to die, I would never have achieved my current love for life or been able to do all the things I have done since then. Personally, I am now very glad that I was not granted my wish to die back then!


No one should ever be encouraged to die because they have lost hope. Instead, people should do their best to help the sick find ways to heal and to give them that chance to find joy and learn to appreciate the most precious gift they were ever given, their life.


I do feel that our culture is getting ever more dangerously close to taking the choice of life away from individuals that they deem to be sick or worthless. In fact, I believe that society has already started down this bleak road. When a hospital can choose which patents die, even when the family and patient clearly want life, I believe that we have already began to cross the line of a sane and healthy society and enter into the outer fringes of hell, or to say it less dramatically, well on the way to becoming one very mentally deranged society.


Once we start down that road, of picking and choosing who lives and who dies, then that line can be stretched further and further until even someone who has the gall to stand up and say “This isn’t right!” may be subject to termination. By that time, all the physically and mentally handicapped, and homosexuals too, will have already been eliminated.


Is this way of thinking, that it is okay that some be removed from life for their imperfections, really what the morally right are being lead to think is right? I will stay well to the left of that way of thinking myself, thank you… even if it does mean that one day I may be terminated for un-drone-like thinking.


To me, life is a precious gift that should not be thrown away, or taken away by others without just cause. I feel that no one, not even the government, has the right to take someone’s life away from them unless it is in self-defense from a clear, and present, deadly adversary or to protect others from immediate threat of death.


These days, I even hate to kill bugs but I do find that to be a necessary evil sometimes.


For all those who wish to die, I can tell you with absolute understanding of how you feel that you can learn to love life if you give yourself a chance to live. Don’t let anyone take your life from you or let them talk you into death.




“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor

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I am there with ya

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