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I have a serious question: How much electricity does the human body create and can it be used, if amplified, to drive an engine or anything (other than a watch!)


I keep seeing all of these electric, battery powerd cars and was thinking, 'If we could use the drivers own body to recharge those batteries? Of course, the 'BAD' thing would be there would be nobody to TAX!!! And, the landfills would not includes the chemicals that are found inside of MOST recharchargeable batteries.


Hmmm, would THOSE Human powerbases come with some sort of warranty? If so; who would carry that policy? Would 'Sponatneous Human Combustion' rates become higher? Or would they drop as all that 'extra' energy is put to use? What about NASCAR? Could they race cars using just human bodies instead of gasoline? Would steroids make them run faster or slower? Would that engine countinue to run if you fall asleep? So many questions!

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well I say to this.. screw the taxes!!!

and recycle the batteries.

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