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Solar Power
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The wrong reason to vote for Hillary Clinton is, “Because she is a woman.”


The wrong reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton is, “Because she is a woman.”


The reason to vote for, or against, Hillary Clinton is if you agree with her political tactics, her voting record, and her character.


On all three counts I have to vote no to Hillary Clinton. Her least objectionable attribute is her democratic voting record but even that leaves much to be desired.


If Barack Obama does not become the democratic nominee I am not sure what I will do on Election Day. John McCain is turning more and more into a “Bush Light” like character… and then there is the question of who his likely running mate will be. The talk is that McCain will probably go for a young conservative to help win over the republican right and conservative voters. If he does that then he most definitely loses any chance of my vote. I am thoroughly fed up with the republican “right” way of doing things and I refuse to vote for anyone that will bring another four years of that kind of destructive idiotic conservative doctrine nonsense… a system in which, as it is set up now, only the ultra-wealthy can benefit from.


So, if Hillary Clinton does get the democratic nomination I will be in a bind. I just cannot vote for her. The more I have learned about her this campaign season the more I have grown to dislike her. Right now, I am thinking I might have to abstain from voting if Hillary is the only democratic option.


So far, I have not heard enough about any potential third party candidates to have an opinion. I hear that Ralph Nader is running but there is pretty much no information on what his campaign is all about. I went to his website but it asks you to become a member before you can get into the site. I feel that having the website be a member’s only club is a bad decision on the Nader campaigns’ part. I am not likely to join in on something when there is no available information on what they are about. If they want people to be interested in their message they need to put their stuff out in the open for everyone to see.




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Well stated MACJR, it's astounding how many otherwise intelligent people vote based on a single issue.

My core problem with Hillary is that she's a Clinton. She has demonstrated repeatedly that she has an aversion to the truth. I thought that the most callous, self serving remarks by a politician had come from Bill, when he was confronted on his variations from ethical behavior during his first campaign. His response was "It was just so important that I be elected".

Rather than see the megalomaniac for what he was, his supporters oohed and ahhed about how much he cared about America. HE CARED ABOUT HIMSELF!!! IT WAS IMPORTANT FOR HIM, NOT THE COUNTRY!!!

Now Hillary goes on Jay Leno and jokes about her lies. If there's anyone out there that finds a candidate for president's lies humorous, please report for euthanasia.

I'm not sure if the problem is congenital or viral, but it looks like Chelsea has it too. Look out for her in 2020.

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