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White Dwarf
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I think it depends on how you interperate the word "religion."  Sometimes I think that "Religion" has killed spirituality and beliefs.  I KNOW that they are all SUPPOSED to go together but it seems like "Religion" tries to funnel everyone's belief and spirituality into the same cookie cutter molds that SOMETIMES it can do more harm than good. 


PLEASE notice I am using the word SOMETIMES - no statement in this universe is ever absolute. 


For me there is NOTHING more powerful or good than a person's relationship with God.  And, while I still believe that more can be accomplished by groups of believers than by individuals, sometime too many compromises have to be made to fit yourself into one of those groups. Too many people give up their own individual relationship and beliefs in God thinking that OTHERS know what is best and/or right for them and the world in general.  Few things have destroyed a person's belief in God as much as OTHERS telling them what is right and true. 


People working together to better the world in the name of God is a GOOD thing... but EVERY idividual must continually be questioning what is being done so that the work remains FOR God and not for the group/themselves/or the "Religion."  

Stay open to the possibilities.
Move without fear. Trust in those who love You

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Indeed, NJ, indeed!

I am what I am and that's ALL what I am!

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White Dwarf
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nice points. The tick is right what you said. "people telling other what they think is best or right or wrong" this is the key issue. not nessessarily what you believe. although I could go on about that. I wont, no need. "religion" needs to go back to basics.

I guess we will see when all the different "saviors" come back from each the same time. Interesting thought

I always pop in to stir things up.. LOLOL Just my antagonist way. no offense really

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Proto Star
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Originally Posted by MACJR

Originally Posted by nannyjo
Originally Posted by MACJR


I have always wanted to believe strongly in God like so many other people do, but my logic side always gets in the way.


So, I will just say that I do not disbelieve in God. 


See.. no one's ever accused me of being logical.


I basically just threw that post up there as a jumping off point... to get a feel from where people were coming from... no converting, no put downs, no judgements... but just a way to get some words up here to banter about

Now we just need a few more brave people willing to talk about their thoughts and feelings about the subject.


I understand the fear that many people have talking about controversial subjects, I just grew old enough not to care as much if people looked at me strangely for daring to open my mouth and actually speak my own opinions. 


Although, I do still get disappointed when people back away and avoid me like a plague thereafter.  :\


Religions have many good points but one of the things that I find troubling is that often people feel pressured to speak only what their religious doctrine is and not to have their own thoughts or to ask questions that go outside the box that encapsulates their religion’s beliefs or practices. This is the kind of thing that prevents progress, or even reverses it, like when Europe fell into a dark age that lasted for centuries.


My current fear is that religion is gaining too much power again and will again put us all back into a dark age. I believe religions work best when they are balanced with government, not when they dominate governments and everyone else.


I like that you are more open minded than most on this subject NJ. Especially since I know that you are very much involved with a religion. Me, I tend to stay away from any single religion and follow my conscience. I believe love and compassion are the values that are most important, not what religion you follow.


Just some thoughts.




 I totally agree that many are afraid to ask them selves what do they really think or feel. Or to say what they really think, and just go with what they are taught. They don't want to be disobediant and want to have faith.

I do believe that there is a leap to taking faith but one has to be a 100% behind that leap first. Any other way is to only be lead blindly and taking to short a leap when the time comes.


Do I believe in a higher power, benevolent being? Yes. Do I believe that we are watched and guided? Yes... and loved? Yes... God I believe in, but for what specifications I am not sure, and the knowing in me that he is there is not threatoned by others view of what God is. I am still asking many questions and still fully believe in most things that have guided me thru my days.


Religions can be too controlling an powerful, but also a lack there of in so many areas seems to be letting in other powers that can at times be much more corrupt with out even a premise for care or concern. Perhaps that is why it is unwise to mess with time? Only miricales of forgivness can correct time correctly, and any other attempts would only be to try and change a thread that we think fits the line better only to later find it is worse for the over all pattern though.


Just stumbled in here so I will have to weed thru more of these.


Hugs all

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