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Hello? Hello? Did anyone else watch this episode of Stargate?

I really liked the scene with Carter floating into the landing bay, it just had a real feel to the look of it and the idea of it. It seemed to be one of those little shows of bravado that Mitchell is always getting in trouble with, but this time you were hoping beyond hope that his hairbrained idea would work.

And I liked the scene where Jackson's quick thinking saved him when the ship exploded. My take was that when the ship was hit by fire and the nuclear bomb rolled out of the rings, Daniel decided that if he could get on board maybe he could find a way to stop the Ori. It was an intense moment for me, OMG he's going to die too! Then he ringed out just in time, and I was saying, "Daniel Jackson is in the house!"

One thing though - did he know beforehand that Vala was on that ship or did he just get lucky? And I liked the scenes between Vala and Adria. It's going to be the classic battle of nature or nurture, which side will Adria choose? Her biological mother? or the Ori who she grows up around.


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     Kirock, you are quite correct, this was an AWESOME episode! Finally, we see Mitchell actually knows how to walk the walk!

     As to Daniel, no, I don't think he knew Vala was on board until AFTER he got there, he was just not wanting to 'Ascend' again!

     Sooner or later, the writers of SG-1 HAD to take on the whole 'nature v nuture' battle. They didn't seem to do it very well with Teal'c and his son, and Anubis's, uhh, son/clone?, didn't really count. Vala and her child will be a very interesting battle, I'll wager ONE of the writers has just found themselves with a teenaged daughter and is at wits end about how to raise her! Hopefully the REAL daughter hasn't had to have a gun placed to her head to get her 'in line'!

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not sure what to make of all this... so much wierd stuff going on. hate the ori!!!! tired of the worship me or die crap.. sounds familiar to me...

and why does every cool ship we have always get blown up... tired of that also

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