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I was answering a posted question about why Bush won't go to the funerals of the fallen soldiers from Iraq/Afgahnistan. Of course, I DID start ranting, but in my defense, I have kidney stones and some REALLY good pain drugs!!!!

. . . . most Americans, for instance (getting off track a little bit, and I may not be returning, the pain drugs and all), have not EVER trusted that we have a military that is worth having since the 60s. They were wrong then, they are wrong now. We tend to blame the soldiers for every death in war, even if it is our own deaths. Saying we blame Bush means nothing, this country voted him in TWICE! Given the chance to get a congress to remove him (’all’ it would have taken would have been a phone call, a written letter, an email, etc.) through impeachment, hasn’t happened. Where is the outrage to YOUR congressmen? You all can yell and scream about Bush and his tactics all you like, but for everyday that goes by without contacting your own congresional representatives, you are actually telling them (and Bush), 'it is O.K., we won’t punish you.'

My mother had many things to teach us too, one of them was, 'holding your tongue in the face of oppression is the same as saying oppression is alright.' Dad summed it up with, ‘Sh_t or get off the pot!’

Bush and congress do not read these posts here, they aren’t sitting at the bar your tell your rants to over a beer, Cheney and Clinton aren’t sitting at the next table having dinner while you complain to your friends about the state of the country. They have all the reason NOT to do anything, YOU haven’t MADE them!

I was so proud of all of you when you made your voice heard, lastyears voting. You put in the ones that said what you wanted to hear and waited to see your will happen. It didn’t, so what did you do? You came back complainig about the same thing you were complaining about to begin with! You complain that Bush isn’t doing his job, well QUIT it! You should NOW be complaining that the CONGRESS that PROMISED to bring in a change, to bring our troops home, to get to the bottom of oh so many things, AND DELIVERED NOTHING MORE THAN MORE PROMISES. PROMISES THAT IF YOU once again VOTE FOR A PRESIDENT THAT THINKS LIKE THEY DO, WILL BRING ABOUT A CHANGE!!!! What is the hold up? They HAVE the majority, right? They even have enough to over turn a veto IF they really wanted to! YOU should be asking why nothing has changed yet! I am not expecting much change with WHOEVER comes into office, we citizens haven’t actually shown that we care enough to hold ANY of them to their words! What has changed to make me think differently? Nothing! NOT A SINGLE THING!!!

I am what I am and that's ALL what I am!
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