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Walt's quote on another thread got me all riled up again over something that happened at work recently.

Originally Posted by waltcesca
he always gave me the feeling that he did NOT like people of a different color than his White arse!

Let me start WAY back at the begininning..... in a galaxy far far away...

The company I work for was bought out by MEGA company AIG a few years ago.  Since then AIG has made headlines all over the place for various wrong doings - at every level it seems.  (Look up X CEO Hank Greenburg sometime)  Anyway, ever since THEY all got caught, all of US "Peons" have had to take "Ethics Training," sign all sorts of waivers, and all sorts of other BS.  The latest was an on line Diversity Acceptance Training course.

What BUGGED the HECK out of me is that this class didn't try to teach you to "ACCEPT" diversity it tried to show you to ignore it COMPLETELY!  The questions were driving me NUTS!  

We are DIFFERENT folks... just FACE it and DEAL with it... AND ACCEPT it.  It is the differences that make us stronger.  THAT is REAL "Diversity Acceptance Training."

Stay open to the possibilities.
Move without fear. Trust in those who love You
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