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This is set 3, of 4, of the December 2008 Snow pictures. This set of pictures was taken on December 24th, otherwise known as Christmas Eve.

24 December 2008 - Picture 1


Shucks, I forgot to decorate my Christmas tree this year.




24 December 2008 - Picture 2


Oops, I forgot to close the freezer door!


Actually, during this time period, there were people who had lost power in one of the December wind storms that did take their frozen foods out of their freezers and store it outside so it would stay frozen. I do not remember just which day it was, but it was about this time when one morning I opened "My Yahoo" page, for the morning news and weather, and the current temperature for my city was shown to be 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that is downright cold!




24 December 2008 - Picture 3


At least we still had power in our area.




24 December 2008 - Picture 4


Yep, the sidewalks are still snow and ice covered.


Actually, that is a beef I have with management, they did virtually nothing about our walkways or driveways during these snow and cold events. In the 20 years I have been here, and through several other snow events, no other management team had been this blasted unprepared or lazy. If someone had fallen, and seriously hurt themselves, they could have been sued big time. Under Washington State law the apartment complex owner(s) could have been held liable for any damages due to management’s neglect to properly maintain the property, even for snow and cold events. And let me tell you, the well traveled areas, where the snow had been compacted into ice, were very slippery. At least the snow and cold are gone now.


Now, if I could just get the management to evict the gangbanger, drug dealers, next door. The constant "traffic" up and down the stairwell, day and night, is driving me nuts (never mind I was already nuts). And they are big time litterbugs too. Anyway, moving on now.




24 December 2008 - Picture 5


See the transmission tower in the background? 


Look and see if you can find it in the "Dec 08 Snow - 4" thread.





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