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I was just watching TV when a new product, 'Procede' was being advertised. This is a spray on hair regrowth product intended to grow hair when ones hair is thinning (or worse). Now, this is such a funny commercial because all throughout this ad the words 'Not intended to grow hair' appears constantly!!! They DO claim all it does is make what hair is there appear thicker and appear to be more!!!!

So, does this mean you are still losing your hair, but what you do have is just thicker? Eventually you might have just ONE strand of hair but it would be SOO thick as to notneed the 'comb over'?



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That's right up there with my favorite ad for some sleeping pill... that the "side effect" is drowsiness.  Isn't that the PRIMARY effect?  The reason you are supposed to take the pill in the first place?


I'll NEVER figure some of these commercials out

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