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White Dwarf
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SciFi Channel's new special tonight....

Stargate was ahead of it's time.

And does anyone else think that Michael Shanks should have hosted this program??

One of archaeology's most compelling mysteries is that of the 13 crystal skulls. The crystal skulls have been some of the most powerful mystical symbols in human history. Several "perfect" crystal skulls have been found in parts of Mexico and Central and South America. Together, they form a mystery as enigmatic as the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

This summer the connection will become known worldwide, with the release of the new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Hosted by Lester Holt, SCI FI's investigative special Mystery of the Crystal Skulls will explore the history of these perplexing artifacts — the myths, the legends, the controversies, and the secret scientific tests performed on them behind closed doors.

But if we wish to comprehend their deepest mysteries, we must hurry. According to the prophecy, only by reuniting all or nearly all of the 13 crystal skulls can humankind unlock secrets that will allow us to avoid the apocalypse predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar — which comes to end on Dec. 21, 2012.

The countdown for the salvation of the human race has begun.


.... or, like Rothman said... they could just be paperweights dry.gif

PS - If you missed it and would like to see it, there is a rebroadcast Tuesday, May 20th @ 8:00

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Giant Star
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Originally Posted by nannyjo

And does anyone else think that Michael Shanks should have hosted this program??

I was surprised that he didn't.

But didn't I read somewhere, that the 12/21/12 prediction was not apocalyptic?

Seems unlikely they're paperweights, raising the more perplexing mystery of how a culture that could make crystal skulls not be able to make paper

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

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White Dwarf
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Ihave studied into these mysteries of these skulls, there is really not much on them other than mystic hearsay and myths. There are supposed to be a few more to be found or so. Not sure what they are or where have come from so far. To many speculations

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