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Solar Power
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I really enjoyed this episode.


I figured that events would work out pretty much as they did but it was still a good story.


This episode, “Common Ground,” more than any other so far, gives me hope that this show can still grow and last for years to come.


This season of Stargate Atlantis is on track to be the best season so far… at least in my opinion.



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   Just wish they hadn't used that 'Deus ex maccina' bit with that Wraith! They wrote themselves into a corner, and instead of a SERIOUS rewrite (like making Shepard a 'Red-shirt' Ensign!), they introduced a 'new' power that NONE of the previous Wraith EVER even suggested MIGHT be possible!



Otherwise, it was a good episode, and I also agree MACJR, this series is better than the original at this time!

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