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CNN is really starting to annoy me. It is bad enough that they milk a real story way past the expiration date, and analyze it from every angle down to the sub atomic level, but it is even worse when they pick up on a non-issue and blow it way, and I mean, WAY out of proportion.


Take all this coverage of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, for example. I mean, first of all, what is the big deal? I happen to agree with just about everything he has said so far, including the few words that made the extreme rightwing super-patriot's panties get all bunched up. If he had not been Barack Obama's pastor not all that many people would have given Reverend Wright a second glance, they would have either agreed or disagreed and moved on. But once CNN, and the other news media got a whiff, suddenly, a few words of righteous outrage are being replayed again and again just about every hour of every day and night since. What was a simple few words that someone can agree with, or disagree with, have now been so thoroughly analyzed that everyone who has ever been associated with Reverend Wright has now been made out to be a villain, including Barack Obama.


What in the heck is up with that?


Ya know, there are real news events happening out there CNN. Please, PLEASE, go find some of those real stories to talk about.


Thank you.




“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor
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