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I have decided that enough is enough with my web site host (I have had a beef with them for a while now actually). I am moving my domain to the same company that hosts my domain. Not only have I never had any serious problems with DirectNIC, but I also get more for less money with them. Moving my site to them is a win win situation for me.


While the domain transfer is in progress my site may be down for a day or two. Since this will also impact my domain pop3 service, I have temporarily switched my board contact e-mail address back to until the move is finalized. After I get things working smoothly again, I will reactivate my domain e-mail address.


Other than some graphic issues, none of this will effect this board since this board is hosted by the board makers at and is independent of my other sites.


Some of the graphics for this board may temporarily go down until I make some URL changes. Right now, the custom graphics for this board are hosted at which is why they go offline from time to time due to my web hosts flaky, and over priced, service.


Just bear with me while all this is going on.






“They can shoot me dead but the moral high ground is mine!” The 10th Doctor
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