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Solar Power
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Does anyone here play?


I do not play backgammon online but I am fond of winning against most real life opponents. 


I learned how to play backgammon when I was a teenager. My teacher was good at backgammon, and she was a good teacher. Perhaps she taught too well though, once I had her lessons down she seldom won another game when playing against me. 


Anyway, I just bring this up to contribute to the recreation part of your new forum, Walt. And to see if anyone else plays, I am fond of a good game of backgammon with a worthy opponent.


I don't use the doubling cube though, I am not into gambling. For me, recreation does not cost someone a fortune, whether it is my fortune or someone else's.




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Yellow Star
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I like to play backgammon, too, I had a "very good" teacher.

I also love to play chess, too.  


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I learned to play backgammon when I was a teenager too.  I also taught myself chess.  But it's been such a long time since I've played either.  Chess taught me valuable lessons of life; how to plan six moves ahead of an event.  Sometimes I feel like I think too much but there's nothing wrong with being prepared.  So now I'm an accomplished List Maker.  I can outlist the best of them!  Yeah I know it's not a board game.......... yet.


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