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White Dwarf
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I'm just watching the SciFi Channel version of the Burmuda Triangle and heard them mention "Autec," The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center and I had never heard of it. 


Of course the special was very eager to blame some of the disappearences of the triange on this Navy test sight and whatever they are testing there.


I was just surprised because I had never heard of it.


Apparently, according to the special that I was watching, they said that there are even STRANGER things HERE than at Area 51.  Things that could tie into the Navy's 1940s "Philadelphia Project" and the "Rainbow Project."




THOSE things I had heard of,  but not AUTEC


Anyone know anything?  Who can you trust, if you can't trust the Navy? 

Stay open to the possibilities.
Move without fear. Trust in those who love You

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I'm afraid you'll find there's a lot of terms we haven't been privy to....


It's a turtle thing

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Yellow Star
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Ive never heard of it either (have heard of area 51 though, mainly in sci fi and stuff)

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