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By Mary ferguson publisher Weiser

This book is about human conscious and cosmology in todays standards. People in denial, people that are asleep, people that dont help in the struggle for proper humanity. She seesm to cover many topics and discussions on what is our human state in the now. She is very good and really doesnt add to much we already know and really do not answer already.

I think everyone should give it a try. It may help in understanding or start to about your self. I say probably half will like it half won't. Some will get it, some won't. I would like to hear a few feedbacks on it. but, as always the choice is yours.

Aquarius Now takes a responsible step forward into a hopeful new age that can save our world, our relationships, and foster our own self realization.  This conceivable change requires a radical shift of mind and spirit; it requires “radical common sense”.  Ferguson explains, “Radical common sense is common sense deliberately encouraged and applied…It respects the past, it pays attention to the present, and therefore it can imagine a more workable future.”  We must align ourselves with nature, rather than continue on our path of “numbers” and competition.  We offer society our contributions, rather than taking what we want from an already exhausted planet.  We begin to have purpose and become more aware of the moment and those who share the moment with us.  Through the use of radical common sense, we integrate our “higher self”.  We live a new life.

Depth of vision is encouraged in this new world.  Knowledge is not as critical as the capacity to imagine.  It takes a visionary to lead this new reciprocal community.  “Visionaries identify with a cause that reaches beyond themselves, their family, and friends.  Something bigger than personal success.”   The author clearly writes of current political and societal paradigms and their ultimate failure.  She shares the vital information of what it will take to save our own lives and the planet that nourishes life so faithfully and generously.

Brain and hemispheric function are probed and thoroughly clarified for the average reader.  To know oneself and our function creates a rich environment for possible change.  It is helpful to understand how we respond and how we can respond during times of challenge and crisis, because it is at these times that lessons are presented. 

Aquarius Now directs our attention to intuition and the guidance that comes from within.  Change requires courage as well.  “Courage isn’t risking ourselves for what we believe.  It’s letting go of the belief that there’s something to risk.”  People have the power to choose.  We can choose our intention in life and that intention changes lives.  If we can overcome fear and self doubt, there is no limit to the level of transformation that is possible.  We can reclaim our spirit and the collective consciousness will be forever changed.  It is all possible; if we can imagine it, we can experience it.  Are you brave enough to step into Aquarius Now?  This book is recommended for those on the journey to global and personal healing.

__________________ 1.618 (solstice)2012
Gematria,the true constant of the universe
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