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Yellow Star
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Hello everyone !
I was wondering if some of you have ever had nettle rash due to an allergy to meds or food (urticaria). When I was 5 I was taken to hospital for 5 days because I had urticaria due to penicilline.
But last monday (July 2nd), I woke up with itchy buttons on my hands and foots that doubled size. I thought it was just a massive attack of mosquitos but the day after, it was worse : new buttons on the right arm and the legs.  
I went to the doctor then on tuesday and she gave antihistamine meds and told me to come back on Thurday because she did not know what it was exactly.
The afternoon, the buttons became itchy, red, hot and swelling patches on my hands, foots, lips, and legs. I went to the emergency services and they said it's urticaria. The origin is still unknown but it's probably due to the non-sterodoidal anti-inflammatory drug I took until thursday (June 28th) for my backache or some food I ate (the salmon of sunday ?). They gave me corticosteroids (for 5 days) and other antihistamine meds (for 1 month).
I have to pass some allergic tests to detect the origin in a few weeks with an allergist. Anyway since two days, my hands and foots are OK, I can wear my shoes and my rings. I still have light pink patches on my legs and arm but it sure will disappear in a few days... if I take the meds of course !!!
So does anyone of you suffer from this kind of allergy ? And what if the allergist doesn't find the origin of the crisis (as it often happens ?) Will I have to live with this kind of Damocleus's sword each time I eat something or have to take meds ???

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White Dwarf
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I had hives (which sound like a similar condition to what you are discribing) ages ago.  At the time they thought it was a reaction to pennecyllin (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong)  but they never really decided.  Since then I've been on other things and never had the same reaction so they just keep using that same thing.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that they are a little better and I hope soon, that they will be completely gone.

Stay open to the possibilities.
Move without fear. Trust in those who love You

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White Dwarf
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If I had to guess I'd say it was the salmon. Some sea foods are common allergy triggers, although it's usually shellfish. If you get checked it should clear up a lot and make it easier to live your life because then all you have to do is avoid whatever triggers the allergy. I know someone who is allergic to onions but his allergies show up in respiratory form, as in he can't breath. If he can manage with something as common as onions then you can do it too.

Let us know what the tests show.

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